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UE4 Pine Forest Game ready by Florian Obchette

UE4 Pine Forest Game ready by Florian Obchette published on Комментариев к записи UE4 Pine Forest Game ready by Florian Obchette нет

Hello everyone, this project was made in one month completly without full time on, On this project i wanted search a procedural approch for paint the vegetation proceduraly by layer, (Grass, Pine, Moss, Gravel) with +70 fps

A breakdown with the landscape material & river ripple going to be done,

All vegetation/tree was created on speedtree with simple billboard for small vegetation & tree using impostor octahedral for a better transition, all is creat by myself except stump tree that I took from quixel libraries.

Inspirated by the work of : Jonjo Hemmens & Mawi

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Florian obchette highresscreenshot00004

Florian obchette highresscreenshot00002

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Florian obchette highresscreenshot00007

Florian obchette highresscreenshot00014

Florian obchette highresscreenshot00010

Florian obchette presentation 000002 00000

Florian obchette highresscreenshot00021

Florian obchette highresscreenshot00023

Florian obchette highresscreenshot00024

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Florian obchette highresscreenshot00030

Florian obchette highresscreenshot00031

Florian obchette highresscreenshot00026

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Florian obchette highresscreenshot00029

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