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The Mysterious Orb by Edward Dodd

The Mysterious Orb by Edward Dodd published on Комментариев к записи The Mysterious Orb by Edward Dodd нет

Starting this project, I wanted to create something totally different my my previous works, using models made by me in maya and materials from megascans. I wanted to achieve a sci-fi look with fantasy elements with my inspirations coming from Destiny 2, Bladerunner as well as other sci-fi properties. I feel like achieved this look in both the normal scene and its alternative version. I have lit this using Lumen in UE5 (Unreal Engine 5), I used two different lighting scenarios to create two different looking and feeling scenes while using the same base.

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Edward dodd highresscreenshot00001

Edward dodd edward dodd edward dodd highresscreenshot00000

Edward dodd highresscreenshot00002

Edward dodd highresscreenshot00003

Edward dodd highresscreenshot00000

Edward dodd highresscreenshot00000

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