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The Lurker by Sean Curtis

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The Lurker was a late idea of mine in that it was first inspired by the Ancient Civilizations: Lost and Found Artstation challenge a few months ago. I didn’t see the challenge until it was nearly over but that didn’t stop me from producing this for fun.

I wanted to design a character that had a lot of mystery and uncertainty about it that seemed resurfaced and hungry. Elements of a snake were my influences for this. The snake is a very swift and stealthy creature which I thought would compliment a shadowy character very well. I made the face a little more humanoid to show the possibilities of an ancient ancestor.

I purposely didn’t add much in the way of facial expressions. My goal was to make the character hard to read in relation to it’s intent from a face to face perspective. I exaggerated the energy flowing from it’s eyes to show that it’s very much full of life.

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Sean curtis cobraman3

Original Design. I wanted to make it green to represent how venomous the Lurker was taking the inspiration from snakes and cobras.

Sean curtis variation 2

One of my various colour concepts. The purple was inspired by Ridley Scott's Alien which has a lot of cold and dark colours.

Sean curtis variation 1

This red colour concept in my opinion showed up the detail the most in both the highlights and base colour.

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