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Sylvie(Vampire Hunter) by Soumya Verma

Sylvie(Vampire Hunter) by Soumya Verma published on Комментариев к записи Sylvie(Vampire Hunter) by Soumya Verma нет

This was my 10 week project for Advanced Term at Think Tank Online. This amazing concept was by Sunong (// . Huge thanks to my supervisor Nicolas Niño(// for his feedback and guidance during the project. I am really grateful to all of my friends who helped me push this project further and motivated me a lot. Also wanted to thank my family for supporting me throughout my art journey.

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Soumya verma a

Close up

Soumya verma soumya verma lllthumbnail

Soumya verma d

crashing a vampire's party.:3

Soumya verma l

turn around

Soumya verma d


Soumya verma g

Soumya verma ef

Soumya verma highresscreenshot00047 copy

Soumya verma e

Neutral Pose

Soumya verma highresscreenshot00050 copy

Soumya verma llee

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