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Nocturne VU concept by Ron Broyde

Nocturne VU concept by Ron Broyde published on Комментариев к записи Nocturne VU concept by Ron Broyde нет

Just a redesign of Nocturne from League of Legends I did for fun.

I really like the potential of his character as a nightmare ghost.
Also I've just been on this Eldritch binge and I just can't stop.

Either way, it was really fun to work on. Hope Ya'll like it

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Ron broyde nocturnevupresenting1

Final design

Ron broyde nocturnevupresenting2

The spikes in his back are a torture device from the Rune War he bound himself to as to gain a physical form

Ron broyde nocturnevupresenting3

Early thumbs that ended up getting scrapped

Ron broyde nocturnevupresenting4

Started over, tried for something much more demonic rather than a goofy ghost in armor

Ron broyde nocturnevupresenting5

Blade thumbs
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