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Kena – Early Game Areas by Chris Karbach

Kena – Early Game Areas by Chris Karbach published on Комментариев к записи Kena – Early Game Areas by Chris Karbach нет

I happy to share more concept artworks for the Shrine Cave for Kena: Bridge of Spirits.
I was able to share one of these paintings about a year ago, but here's the rest and some other locations and concept callouts from the start of the game.
The Shrine Cave and the Ruins that they lead to.

The shape language of the engravings on the shrines where developed by a different artist before I joined the project and are used among many assets troughout the game.
Thanks to the team at Ember Lab for all the helpful feedback and artistic direction on these designs!

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Chris karbach shrine cave shrines combined

Chris karbach chris karbach kena shrine

Chris karbach shrine of death

Chris karbach shrine cave shrineoflife

Chris karbach flame torches design iterations

Chris karbach shrine activation plane

Chris karbach ruins concept artwork

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