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Eternal Study by Saiyam Grover

Eternal Study by Saiyam Grover published on Комментариев к записи Eternal Study by Saiyam Grover нет

This was my submission for the term 1 final project at Think Tank Training Centre.
The goal was to recreate a 2D concept in 3D and I chose this amazing photobash done by WT Feng - //
I was impressed by the composition, unique objects and the look and feel of the room and thought it would be an interesting experience to replicate it in 3D from start to finish in just 5 weeks.
I would like to thank my instructors, classmates, family and friends as their support, feedback and encouragement helped me push myself and get this project done on time. Special thanks to:
Nikhil Kedige - //
Uday Kampani - //
Rohan Nanjappa - //
Rahul Chandwaney - //

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Saiyam grover saiyam grover final

Final Render

Saiyam grover saiyam grover sam foundation thumb

Saiyam grover wt feng concept


Saiyam grover saiyam grover final compare


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