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Browning Hi-Power by RYZIN ART

Browning Hi-Power by RYZIN ART published on Комментариев к записи Browning Hi-Power by RYZIN ART нет

Texture Tuesday / This is the Browning Hi-Power pistol weapon created for an unannounced project in 2018 that we posted a while back. Our presentation style has changed alot since then so I thought it would be cool to re-render it. Kyle did an excellent job managing the character of the texturing and skating that fine line between what's realistic and what's artistically pleasing.

The pistol is a single-action, semi-automatic handgun, as you can see this 9mm has a lot of character added to the texturing. Some of it is beyond the realm of ultra realism like the metal dings and dents in the slide, but it's great for character in game, adding to its authentic feel. We also created an extended magazine seen in a few of these images.

Artist: Kyle KR
Art Direction: Alan van Ryzin

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Ryzin art hipower 001

Ryzin art ryzin art as tb

Ryzin art hipower 019

Ryzin art hipower 005

Ryzin art hipower 003

Ryzin art hipower 006

Ryzin art hipower 008

Ryzin art hipower 007

Ryzin art tbrender 216

Ryzin art hipower 018

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