Attraction (2017) by Fyodor Bondarchuk. Alien ship. by Andrei Korovkin

Attraction is a Russian movie directed by Fyodor Bondarchuk who is famous for Stalingrad.

Main Road Post was responsible for all CG in the movie what was an honor for all team which I was a part of.

The project gave us a lot of challenges what remarkably only inspired the team.

During the project my role was a modeling supervisor. I was looking after 6 highly talented artists of the asset department in the office and 20-25 freelance artists.

Meanwhile, I was working on a bunch of assets for the movie and actually I’d like to present you one of the most difficult assets which I was working on.

It’s an alien ship one of two heroes in the project.

Art direction — Andrei Maximov

Concept Art — Alice Macoveeva

Modeling/UV — Andrei Korovkin

Texturing — Anastasia Fileva

Shading — Alexander Saraev

I hope you enjoyed it.

Thanks a lot for the time.

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Andrei korovkin attraction 007

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