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小鹿来了 by Qiao Pei

小鹿来了 by Qiao Pei published on Комментариев к записи 小鹿来了 by Qiao Pei нет

毫无疑问 小胖龙 是我最喜欢的~非常感谢所有团队小伙伴的完美输出~团队的力量~



There’s no doubt that Choncc is my favorite! Many thanks to all the team members who had worked on all aspects of it! This is the power of teamwork.

I’ve learnt and improved a lot from the Riot Games leads. Much appreciated for your guidance! Looking forward to much more creative ideas!

The final product should be based on the actual in-game released version.

Riot HKSG Art Lead-Tommy Gunardi Teguh: //

Riot HKSG Art Lead-Rock D: //

3D Artist: Xiang Li: //

VFX Artist: Kafei Ji: //

Animator: Shine Wang: //

VFX Artist: Cynthia Chen: //

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Qiao pei 2

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