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A pirate scene. by Sasha Beliaev

A pirate scene. by Sasha Beliaev published on Комментариев к записи A pirate scene. by Sasha Beliaev нет

Completely forgot about this one. It was intended for Endika project but eventually discarded as irrelevant to the story and wrong for the period (too XVIII c., while Endika's world is a "barocco" one). Done 4 years ago.

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His Majesty by RJ Palmer

His Majesty by RJ Palmer published on Комментариев к записи His Majesty by RJ Palmer нет

I think one of the most underutilized themes of Godzilla illustration(Godzillastration) is just the sheer awe it would inspire to see something so massive emerging from the sea. I've had this image idea in my head for months and I finally had the time to do it. It's not supposed to be any one existing Godzilla, it's my own Godzilla design. Even if it is heavily influenced by Shin(the best Godzilla).

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Rj palmer rjpalmer godzilla site 002

«Goodnight Mister Tom» by Artem Chebokha

«Goodnight Mister Tom» by Artem Chebokha published on Комментариев к записи «Goodnight Mister Tom» by Artem Chebokha нет

Made a cover for Michelle Magorian's children's novel about young boy evacuated from war-torn London to the countryside.
Intimidated by the horrors of war and the constant bombing, little Willy was left with a lonely and strict old man living in the countryside village. New circumstances change both, the old man and the child.

HarperCollinsPubliher LLC©

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Artem chebokha mr tom2 art2222

Se7en _ Fan art (Real time)

Se7en _ Fan art (Real time) published on Комментариев к записи Se7en _ Fan art (Real time) нет
Se7en is one of my favorite movies and the final scene is breathtaking! Agent Mills needs to make a decision. What would you do if you were in his shoes? Would you let wrath get the better of you? Here is a personal project I have been working on for months in my free times, the idea was to create the final scene of the movie in real time and make it look as cinematic as possible. This was one of the most challenging projects I have ever worked on as I wanted to make the lighting for final scene in a way that all 3 characters look equally realistic. Those who are working on shaders and lightings know how challenging it is, especially for real time. Models are hand sculpted and most of the textures are hand painted. I made the environment Hdri by combining several maps I got online as I couldn't find one that was close enough to the movie, and made grass really low poly so that I can handle all meshes in one scene. Most of the maps are 4k, and I used marmoset toolbag 3 for rendering. Hope you like it, cheers.

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